These Terms of Service are valid as of August 21, 2019. The Terms of Service might change from time to time and any changes to these terms will be uploaded to the web site at ​www.foodeaze.ca​ and a notice of a change in these terms will be posted on the web site.

By registering through the web site www.foodeaze.ca and submitting orders and payments you explicitly agree to these terms and that you have read them and fully understand them.

If for any reason you do NOT agree with any of the terms set out herein, please do NOT register an account on the web site and DO NOT order any lunch from us.

If for any reason you do NOT understand these terms, please do NOT order from the web site. Please submit your questions about the web site, these terms and any other questions you may have to support@foodeaze.ca​.

Administration fee

All transactions through the web site incur a one-time $0.50 transaction fee.

Order Submissions Deadline

Orders must be placed by Wednesday midnight the week before delivery. The web site will automatically prevent orders past the deadline and there are no exceptions.


The images on our web site are an approximate representation of the menu item and are for illustration purposes only. All meals come in wraps or containers and do not necessarily come with the all the items in the picture nor are the meals presented in the same way as in the picture.

Online ordering only

You can only place orders through our web site at ​www.foodeaze.ca​. It is NOT possible to place orders through any other means (including through email or phone call).

Late Order Submissions/Late Orders/Order Change/Cancellations

All orders must be placed by the Wednesday midnight deadline, there are no exceptions possible. Orders can be cancelled prior to 5pm on the Wednesday before the delivery week ONLY and a full refund issued. After the deadline, cancellations are not possible (no exceptions).

Cutlery not provided

Foodie Kids Inc. does not provide cutlery with your food order. The enormous amounts of plastic waste is no longer something we can support. Your school will have set up a solution for the cutlery either by providing it on site or asking parents to have the child bring it to school. We will still provide chopsticks for the sushi.


If your child is absent due to illness, field trip, etc. and the order isn't cancelled prior to the deadline, the school will hold the lunch for later pick-up. The parent/guardian is also welcome to pick up their child's order during lunch distribution the day of. You can also instruct the school or lunch coordinator to give the food to another student (or staff member). No refunds will be given.

Guarantee of service

FoodEaze by Foodie Kids Inc., like all businesses, strives to provide the best service possible at the highest standards without errors. We can not, however, guarantee 100% that there will be no errors made. In the process of making lunches for up to 2500 kids per day, many things need to happen, and many people are involved. The chance of human error is always there. If you have special requirements that would be compromised were a mistake to happen, we strongly suggest NOT to order from us. (Please also note the Allergies section below)

Special Orders

We do not have the ability to create special orders. The menu contains several options that would be suitable for many different dietary restrictions such as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, no pork etc. there are no changes to the menu possible.

“ *Allergies* ”

NUTS​ While we offer a 100% nut-free menu, we are NOT a nut-free kitchen.

GLUTEN-FREE ​While we offer gluten-free menu options, we are NOT a gluten-free kitchen.

Cross contamination is always a possibility and can occur.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the ingredients in the product being purchased is safe for consumption due to allergies. If a child is very sensitive or is anaphylactic to an ingredient used in our kitchen, ​you should NOT place an order with us​. We take allergies very seriously but we can not guarantee cross contamination will not occur. The purchaser should contact us directly for any inquiries regarding allergies.

We cannot guarantee that any item is completely free of allergens.